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The power the church holds today has its source on the cross of Jesus and his empty grave. That’s why today we have crosses all over the world to represent its power. What makes the cross so powerful?

Pastor Josephat Gwajima
In the bible, "the cross" is mentioned twenty seven times only in the New Testament. There are also a number of scriptures where Jesus talked about the cross.

 "Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." Matthew 16:24

"And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross." Matthew 27:32

"If he be the King of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him." Matthew 27:42

"But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world." Galatians 6:14

"And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby." Ephesians 2:16

What makes the cross of Jesus Christ so important?
When you talk of christianity there are three main things involved:
1. Power of the blood of Jesus
2. Empty grave (power of resurrection)
3. The words Jesus spoke on the cross

The blood of Jesus is what gives us authority over satan and his demons, power to rebuke and cast them out of our lives. Moreover, the empty grave of Jesus is an assurance that there is life after death for human beings. We christians do not go for pilgrimages because unlike other denominations whose initiators died and still have their bones in their tombs; Jesus rose from the dead and his tomb is totally empty.

On the cross when Jesus was about to die he gave only seven final statements. Normally, even today a man on his deathbed no matter how foolish he will give his final words and usually these are very important and sensible. So, let's see what Jesus' final words were and what their value is. But why did Jesus say only seven statements? Why not ten or a hundred?

These are some few other scriptures where the number seven keeps recurring:

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made." Genesis 2:2

"Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female." Genesis 7:2

"For yet seven days, and i will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that i have made will i destroy from off the face of the earth." Genesis 7:4

"And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat." Genesis 8:4

"And Abraham set seven ewe lambs of the flock by themselves" Genesis 21:28

What is it with the number seven that it keeps recurring in the bible?
Number seven is a declaration of completion and fullness. Thus the cross of Jesus stands to complete everything in our lives from our health to our ministries. It is only the cross of Jesus that can complete a person.

So, on the cross Jesus gave his seven final statements which were:

1."And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? Which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Mark 15:34

Pastor Josephat Gwajima
Was Jesus really left by God at the cross? Yes, he was. God is a holy God, looking at Jesus on the cross he saw the load of sin Jesus was carrying and turned his back on him. That load Jesus was carrying consisted of our sins, shame, diseases and curses; none from himself. He was beaten and tortured and for that our sins were forgiven and diseases healed.

"But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53:5

Jesus was rejected so that through the cross he was rejected you and i can be accepted by the father.

2. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

Jesus forgave his torturers while enduring unspeakable pain. Naturally, people would tell you they need to heal from the pains inflicted on them so they can forgive those who hurt them. But the cross of Jesus offers us strength to forgive amidst our pain. There are people who are dead today; some are suffering from incurable diseases like heart failures simply because they cannot forgive. Most of the breakthroughs people are looking for in life today are hidden in forgiveness. Even God himself forgives before healing. It is important to be able to forgive so that you can be forgiven too by your father in heaven. When you are unable to forgive you pave way to some demons that will dwell in you causing all kinds of misery including diseases.

3."Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise."

Jesus said these words to one of the thieves who believed him at the cross. Jesus did not say probably or may be but surely today we will be together in paradise. The cross gives assurance on every promise God has given for our lives. It is the assurance that heaven exists and is our birth right as the children of God.

"In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."John 14:2

4. "Behold thy son! Behold thy mother!" John 19:26-27

It is amazing how even during his last moments he was making peace between people, his mother and favorite disciple. The cross is a source of peace; peace between families, between enemies even between religious groups and nations at large. Jesus stood as the bridge to make peace between God the father and human beings. He is the only true way to heaven. No church or denomination serves as the bridge to heaven only Jesus is, through his cross.

5."Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit." Luke 23:46

This tells us it is possible to commend your spirit to some hands, may be God's or the devil's hand. The cross is a safe place to commend our spirits; there we can be sure our spirits will be on God's hands safely. It is the place where neither the devil nor his demons can reach you; it is way above their reach. Today most people have their spirits into the hands of the devil's agents knowingly and most unknowingly where the devil enslaves them as he pleases. Seek to have your spirit commended into the hands of our heavenly father today through the cross of Jesus Christ.

6."I thirst."John 19:28

Knowing you only have a few minutes to live, why would one thirst for water? Was Jesus thirst for water? If not, what was the nature of his thirst? And to whom was he addressing his thirst? He was telling not his torturers of his thirst but God, the father. That despite the pain I am enduring now I still thirst to do your will. The cross is the source of our thirst to serve God in all earnest. It is at the cross where we find our thirst to seek God and bring millions to Jesus, thirst to pray, praise, heal.

7. "It is finished!" John 19:30

After all was done and said Jesus shouted it is finished and then bowed his head and gave up his spirit. The devil rejoiced thinking that Jesus had accepted defeat. Jesus was not murdered; he gave his life so he could have it back. The more they beat and tortured Jesus the more our lives were being released part by part. At the cross, Jesus looked back at our lives and saw that he had made way for freedom on every human aspect and that every scripture written about him was fulfilled. This was the point he shouted it is finished; unlike the devil's definition he meant all was well and done in the world in God's glory. Right after he said it was finished a series of events followed:

a) The world went dark. The cross of Jesus Christ is a cross of events.

b) Rocks were rent. The cross of Jesus Christ breaks rocks. There are rocks in your life today; probably your boss is one such rock. Introduce them to the cross of Jesus and break them

c)Graves were opened. The cross has power to open the graves. That's why on every christian’s grave today there is a cross, this is to hope that one day these people will be resurrected by the power of the cross. This is where the power of resurrection lies.

d) The earth was quaked. The cross has power to shake the world mightily. Only the kingdom of God is unshakable. All other kingdoms will be shaken and uprooted.

e) Women wept for Jesus as a sign for their thirst for him.

f) The veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom. This was a sign of direct access to God; that everyone was granted permission to pray directly to God and not through priests.

g) Over his head an address was placed. This denotes the fact the cross gives you the address to your destination.

h) The head of the crucifixion after seeing these entire he declared "Truly, this was the son of God!"

i) When they pierced his sides forthwith came there out blood and water. It is a biological fact that the plasma which is watery and a component of human blood, is separated from the blood only when one is dead. So the overflow of water and blood is prove beyond doubt that at the cross Jesus died.

The three days before Jesus' resurrection Jesus was somewhere in this world. He went down to the dwellings of the devil; stepped on him and put him in his place beneath his feet. But above all he got the keys to Hades.

Part of mass who attended Sunday service
Today I step on all those who have declared a fight against me; I have authority to step onto scorpions and snakes and every other harmful thing and not be harmed. I step on all my declared enemies in the spiritual realm. I command my enemies to let go of everything that belongs to me, my family, children, and business. Everything stolen from me I take back by the power of the cross in Jesus name. I destroy every enemy against my family and nation in Jesus name. I am moving towards every enemy that has a plan against me, I triumph over them by the blood of Jesus Christ. I step on you like i do muck in Jesus name. I am waging a war against all demons that are walking amidst human generation; I destroy you in Jesus name. I release the blood of Jesus to all the places where you have hidden everything that belongs to me in Jesus name. I use the power of the cross of Jesus to open every locked door in my life in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Nguvu ya Kanisa imeanzia katika msalaba wa Yesu Kristo ndio maana utaona kila mahali hapa duniani kuna alama ya  msalaba .  Kuna maandiko mengi ambapo Yesu Kristo aliongea kuhusiana na msalaba.

Mathayo 26:4

4 wakafanya shauri pamoja, ili wamkamate Yesu kwa hila na kumwua.

Mathayo 27:32, 42

32 Hata walipokuwa wakitoka, wakamwona mtu Mkirene, jina lake Simoni; huyu wakamshurutisha auchukue msalaba wake.

42 Yeye ni mfalme wa Israeli; na ashuke sasa msalabani, nasi tutamwamini.

Waefeso 2:16

16 Akawapatanisha wote wawili na Mungu katika mwili mmoja, kwa njia ya msalaba, akiisha kuufisha ule uadui kwa huo msalaba.

Wagalatia 2:14

14 Lakini mimi, hasha, nisione fahari juu ya kitu cho chote ila msalaba wa Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo, ambao kwa huo ulimwengu umesulibishwa kwangu, na mimi kwa ulimwengu.

Kimsingi unapoongea ukristo unaongelea mambo makuu matatu ambayo ni:

Ø Nguvu ya damu ya Yesu

Ø Kaburi wazi (Nguvu ya ufufuo)

Ø  Maneno aliyoongea Yesu msalabani.

Yesu alipokuwa msalabani akikaribia kukata roho alisema maneno saba. Kawaida mtu bila kujali alikuwa anaishije anapokaribia kufa huongea maneno ya maana na yenye uzito sana. Leo tunaangalia maneno saba aliyosema Yesu wakati anakaribia kufa na umuhimu wake. Lakini je, ni kwa nini alisema maneno saba wala sio kumi au mia moja?


Haya ni baadhi ya maandiko ambayo yanaonyesha kujirudia kwa namba saba mara kwa mara katika biblia;


2 Katika wanyama wote walio safi ujitwalie saba saba, mume na mke; na katika wanyama wasio safi wawili wawili, mume na mke.

Nuhu alipotaka kuchinja alichukua wanyama saba

Mwanzo 7:4

4 Kwa maana baada ya siku saba nitainyeshea dunia mvua, siku arobaini mchana na usiku; na kila kilicho hai nilichokifanya juu ya uso wa nchi nitakifutilia mbali.


28 Ibrahimu akaweka wana kondoo wa kike saba peke yao.
29 Abimeleki akamwambia Ibrahimu, Hawa wana kondoo wa kike saba, uliowaweka peke yao, maana yake nini?
30 Akasema, Hawa wana kondoo wa kike saba utawapokea mkononi mwangu, wawe ushuhuda ya kuwa ni mimi niliyekichimba kisima hiki.

Ibrahimu aliwaweka wanakondoo saba kama ushuhuda wa yeye ndiye aliyekichimba  kisima  kisichobishaniwa. Namba saba ni namba isiyo bishaniwa.

Zaburi 119:164

164 Mara saba kila siku nakusifu, Kwa sababu ya hukumu za haki yako.

Daudi alikuwa anamwabudu Bwana mara saba kwa siku.  

Namba saba ni namba ya utimilifu na ukamilifu. Msalaba wa Yesu Kristo kupitia maneno saba aliyoyasema Yesu akiwa pale ni ishara ya ukamilifu na utimilifu wa maisha yetu sisi tuaminio habari za msalaba.



Mchungaji kiongozi Josephat Gwajima

Watu wengine wanatumia sentensi hii kupotosha kwa kusema kuwa kama Mungu alimuacha pale msalabani basi sio mwana wa Mungu. Ni kweli aliachwa kwasababu ya dhambi zetu.  Alionekana mwenye dhambi si kwa kutenda bali kwa kubeba dhambi zetu na baba yake kwa sababu ya utakatifu wake alimpa mgongo. Alipopigwa magonjwa yako yaliadhibiwa katika mwili wa Yesu ndio maana Isaya 53:5 inasema  kwa kupigwa kwake sisi tumepona. Yesu alikataliwa ili sisi tupate kukubaliwa na Mungu baba.



Wakati Yesu anasema maneno haya alikuwa katikati ya mateso na maumivu makali lakini bado aliweza kusamehe. Kawaida mtu anapoumizwa hushindwa kusamehe mara moja; mwingine husema nitasema maumivu yakipoa au mwingine atakuambia nitakusamehe ila sitakusahau. Kuna watu wamekufa leo na wengine wana magonjwa yasiyotibika kwa sababu ya kutokusamehe. Unaposhindwa kusamehe Mungu naye hawezi kukusamehe hivyo sio rahisi kupata uponyaji wako kwa sababu Mungu huponya baada ya kukusamehe. “Akusamehe dhambi zako zote akuponye magonjwa yako yote.”

Marko2: 1-5

1 Akaingia Kapernaumu tena, baada ya siku kadha wa kadha, ikasikiwa ya kwamba yumo nyumbani.
2 Wakakusanyika watu wengi, isibaki nafasi hata mlangoni; akawa akisema nao neno lake.
3 Wakaja watu wakimletea mtu mwenye kupooza, anachukuliwa na watu wanne.
4 Na walipokuwa hawawezi kumkaribia kwa sababu ya makutano, waliitoboa dari pale alipokuwapo; na wakiisha kuivunja wakalitelemsha godoro alilolilalia yule mwenye kupooza.
5 Naye Yesu, alipoiona imani yao, akamwambia yule mwenye kupooza, Mwanangu, umesamehewa dhambi zako.

 Biblia inasema mkiwasamehe wawakoseao na Baba yenu wa mbinguni atawasamehe, kumbe basi hata msipowasamehe Baba wa mbinguni hatawasamehe pia. Unapokuwa husamehi kunakuwa na mapepo yanayopata mwanya kuingia ndani yako na kupandikiza roho ya uchungu ambayo huzaa presha, magonjwa ya moyo na kisukari.


1 Basi na sisi pia, kwa kuwa tunazungukwa na wingu kubwa la mashahidi namna hii, na tuweke kando kila mzigo mzito, na dhambi ile ituzingayo kwa upesi; na tupige mbio kwa saburi katika yale mashindano yaliyowekwa mbele yetu,

Ile dhambi ikuzingayo ya kutokusamehe iweke kando. Unapoamua kusamehe wale mashetani wanaokaa ndani yako wanahama ndani yako na unapona magonjwa yako yote.



Yesu hakuwa na shaka na alipokuwa anakwenda. Alijua anakwenda wapi. Yesu alimwambia yule mwizi aliyemwamini pale msalabani kuwa hakika leo hii tutakuwa wote mbinguni. Msalaba wa Yesu unatupa hakika ya mafanikio yetu, unatupa uhakika juu ya uwepo wa mbingu na haki yetu ya kuishi huko. Duniani zimejaa taarifa nyingi za kubahatisha ila wewe uliyeokoka msalaba wa Yesu ni uhakika wa kwenda mbinguni. Biblia inasema “amini amini nawaambia yeye aniaminie mimi amepita kuingia mbinguni” Tazama nabisha mlangoni mtu atakayeisikia sauti yangu na kunikaribisha nitaingia ndani yake na atakuwa na uzima wa milele. Mbinguni ni kwetu na msalaba wa Yesu kristo ni uhakika wa kwenda Mbinguni na Yesu ndiye njia, kweli na uzima.

Yohana 14:1

1 Msifadhaike mioyoni mwenu; mnamwamini Mungu, niaminini na mimi.
2 Nyumbani mwa Baba yangu mna makao mengi; kama sivyo, ningaliwaambia; maana naenda kuwaandalia mahali.
3 Basi mimi nikienda na kuwaandalia mahali, nitakuja tena niwakaribishe kwangu; ili nilipo mimi, nanyi mwepo.
4 Nami niendako mwaijua njia.

Msalaba ni uhakika wa kuolewa kwako, hakika ya promosheni, hakika ya kazi yako, hakika ya  safari yako, hakika ya maisha yako. Kristo alikuwa na uhakika wa wapi aendako na nini anaenda kufanya, kuandaa makao kwa ajili yetu.



YOHANA 19:26-27

26 Basi Yesu alipomwona mama yake, na yule mwanafunzi aliyempenda amesimama karibu, alimwambia mama yake, Mama, tazama, mwanao.
27 Kisha akamwambia yule mwanafunzi, Tazama, mama yako. Na tangu saa ile mwanafunzi yule akamchukua nyumbani kwake.

Msalaba unaweza kuleta upatanisho, msalaba ni nguzo ya upatanishi. Inawezekana kuna migogoro kati yako na ndugu zako au wafanyakazi wako lakini leo kuna msalaba wa upatanishi. Leo mataifa yanapigana kwasababu hakuna mapatano, Baba na Mama wanagombana, hawapatani. Yesu alipokuwa msalabani mkono wake mmoja alimshika Mungu Baba na mkono mwingine akawashika wanadamu huku akiwa anakata roho  akapiga kelele akisema pataneni! Leo Yesu anaitwa daraja la upatanisho kati ya wanadamu na Mungu.




Kumbe Roho inaweza kuwekwa kwenye mikono, yaweza kuwa ya Mungu Baba au mungu wa dunia hii ambaye ni shetani. Msalaba wa Yesu kristo unaweza kukabidhi Roho zetu mikononi mwa Mungu. Yesu akatuonyesha kwamba Roho yake ameiweka mikononi mwa Mungu Baba. Leo hii  Roho za watu ziko kwa wachawi, nyingine ziko kwa waganga wa kienyeji. Msalaba unatupa uhakika wa mahali pa kuwekwa roho zetu. Biblia inasema msimwogope yeye  awezaye kuua mwili bali mwogopeni yeye awezaye kuiua Roho na mwili.




Yohana  19:28

28 Baada ya hayo Yesu, hali akijua ya kuwa yote yamekwisha kumalizika ili andiko litimizwe, akasema, Naona kiu.

Ni jambo la kushangaza mtu aliye katika hatua ya kufa  kuhitaji maji. Haya maneno hakuwa akiwaambia wale waliomsulibisha  bali baba yake wa mbinguni; kwamba pamoja na taabu niliyonayo bado ninaona kiu ya kutimiza mapenzi yako. Yesu alikuwa msalabani tangu asubuhi na hapa alisema, “naona kiu” Msalaba wa Yesu unatupa kiu ya uponyaji, kufufua, miujiza, utoaji, kufunga, kuomba. Inawezekana kuna wakati  ulikuwa una kiu ya kuomba lakini leo umekuwa mkavu lakini upo msalaba wa yesu unatupa kiu ya kuyatimiza mapenzi ya Mungu katika maisha yetu.



Yesu  hakuuwawa bali aliitoa Roho yake ili aitwae tena. Shetani hakujua kama Yesu alikuja ili afe ndio maana aliingia kwa watu wamhukumu kifo lakini. Yesu alikuwa mtii hata mauti ili atimize mapenzi ya baba yake. Alipokuwa msalabani Yesu aliangalia kama ametimiza yote yaliyompasa kufanya, akaangalia akaona uponyaji upo, ufufuo upo na maandiko yote juu yake yametimia ndipo akapiga kelele kusema imekwisha.

Baada ya Yesu kukata roho yakafuatia matukio yafuatayo:

Tukio la kwanza, Dunia yote ikawa Giza. Mungu akazima jua lake na Dunia ikawa giza “MSALABA NI MSALABA WA MATUKIO”

 Tukio la pili, miamba ikapasuka. Msalaba unapasua miamba. Je, kuna mtu ofisini au kwenye familia yako amefanyika mwamba? Mkutanishe leo na msalaba wa Yesu wenye uwezo wa kupasua miamba.

Tukio la tatu, makaburi yakafunguka. Hapo ndipo penye nguvu ya Ufufuo na Uzima yaani Yesu mwenyewe.

 Tukio la nne, dunia ikatikisika.

Tukio la tano, wanawake wakajipigapiga vifuani wakimaanisha wanamtafuta Yesu.

Tukio la sita, pazia la hekalu likapasuka maana yake kila mmoja wetu anayo ruhusa ya kuomba moja kwa moja kwa baba bila kupitia mtu yoyote.

Tukio la saba, kwenye msalaba  pakawekwa anuani maana yake anuani ya mahali unakoelekea kwa makusudi ya Mungu  ipo msalabani.

 Tukio la nane, yule aliyekuwa anaongoza usulubishaji akasema “hakika mtu huyu alikuwa ni mwana wa Mungu.”

Tukio la tisa, ilipofika jioni walienda kuwavunja miguu waliosulubiwa maana kwa sheria ya kiyahudi hairuhusiwi mtu kuwa hai juu ya msalaba sabato inapoingia. Akiwa hajafa hukatwa miguu ili afe kwa kuishiwa damu. Walikuta Yesu amekwishakufa lakini mmojawapo wa wale wanajeshi alimchomi mkuki ubavuni ndipo ilipotoka damu na maji. Hiki ni kithibitisho hakika kuwa Yesu alifia msalabani.

Yesu alipokufa kabla ya kufufuka alikwenda kuzimu ambako kulikuwa na dhima wakishangilia kumshinda Yesu.Yesu alimfuata shetani palepale kwenye kiti chake kuzimu akamkanyaga kichwa chake mbele ya malaika zake. Tena zaidi ya hayo akamnyanganya funguo za kuzimu na mauti.



Tunawafuata adui zetu palepale walipo, tunawatokea kwenye ulimwengu wa Roho na kuwakanyaga na kuwanyanganya mali zetu na vitu vyetu vyote kwa nguvu ya msalaba wa Yesu kristo.

Kwa jina la Yesu nimepewa mamlaka ya kukanyaga nyoka na nge na nguvu zote za yule adui kwa jina la Yesu. Kwa nguvu ya msalaba ninawafuata wachawi, waganga wa kienyeji na adui zangu wote katika ulimwengu wa roho waliokaa kikao kinyume na mimi, ninawaponda vichwa kwa jina la Yesu. Imeandikwa wakamshinda kwa damu ya mwanakondoo, ninawashinda kwa damu ya Yesu. Ninazikanyaga mamlaka zote za giza kwa damu ya mwanakondoo. Kwa nguvu ya msalaba, kwa damu ya mwanakondoo ninawashambulia wote mnaotumia nyota yangu, ninauponda uzao wa joka katika jina la Yesu. Ninawashambulia mashetani katikati ya uzao wa wanadamu kwa jina la Yesu.  Kwa damu ya mwanakondoo, ninavifuatilia vipawa vyangu vilivyofichwa katika mashimo kwa jina la Yesu. Ninaitumia nguvu ya msalaba kwa jina la Yesu, waliofichwa kwenye mashimo, kwenye mapori, baharini, kwenye mwezi, kwenye,  nyota, kwenye anga  ninawarudisha kwa damu ya Yesu.  Kwa jina la Yesu Kristo ninaamuru warudishwe, natumia nguvu ya msalaba kwa damu ya Yesu kristo, biashara zilizofungwa, kazi zilizofungwa ninazifungua kwa jina la Yesu.

Nakwenda msalabani, msalaba wa furaha, msalaba wa ukombozi, msalaba wa ushindi, msalaba wa nguvu, msalaba wa maarifa nakata rufaa  hapo kwa jina la Yesu.

Asante Bwana Yesu kwa ajili ya kunifia msalabani, asante kwa ajili ya nguvu iliyomo ndani ya msalaba. Asante kwa ukombozi, uponyaji na msamaha wako. Amen.



Maelfu wakiwa ndani ya ufufuo na uzima kawe

Nguvu ya msalaba.